We are a family owned agency with over 20 years of experience living in Spain, serving both buyers and sellers.

Throughout the company’s history we have helped many clients make their dreams come true – to own a property in a beautiful European country, in a seaside resort under the bright sunny sky and with all the amenities for comfortable and luxurious living.

Marbella is a treasure in the Spanish coast and one of the most prestigious places in the country; one can find a house for any desired taste and budget.

Currently one of the safest ways to invest your assets is to invest in real estate and the Spanish market is the most suitable for doing this. In comparison to other European countries, Spain has the most attractive investment climate and favourable legal system.

Ventura Properties is ready to provide you with all of the services needed to help you make an easy and convenient transaction. We can help ensure that you are in compliance with all legal formalities, help with the maintenance of an estate and any other day-to-day matters.

Choosing to work with a trusted and established company such as ours gives you peace of mind when handling all of the necessary arrangements, from a real estate acquirement to your resident permit. Our experience and contacts will make the process smooth and straightforward, so you can focus on enjoying your time here on the coast.

Ventura Properties is a family business with caring and traditional values. Our clients interests are at the heart of our decisions and we consider everyone we work with to be apart of our family. These values have contributed to our long-term success and our clients using our services even after purchasing a property and moving to Spain.

We would love to meet you at our company’s office in Urb. Jardines del Puerto, local 7-B, in the centre of Puerto Banus; a town which is famous for its yachts, luxury cars, upscale shops and premium restaurants and night life.

Come to the South of Spain, Marbella, and let us help make your dream come true!



Ventura Properties provides a wide range of real estate services associated with purchasing, selling and renting properties.

We pay close attention to all of our clients needs and with our extensive database, which includes more than ten thousand properties, we can help you select an estate that is suitable for your needs.

Moving to a new country can seem a daunting task, but our team of experienced professionals can help you through this process. From airport pickup to assisting with hotel recommendations, we can help provide you with local knowledge to help you acquire a property in Spain with ease.

We help clients get their NIE (Numero de Identidad de Extrajero) and provide assistance with opening an account in a Spanish bank. Additionally, if you would like to purchase your desired house on credit, Ventura Properties will help you with the documents needed for this process. Our long relationships and close cooperation with several major banks ensures that our clients have no troubles when receiving mortgages.

Your time is valuable to us and we want to ensure that you are not spending it with public authorities and sorting through documentation. We are committed to helping you through this process and ensuring you get the most out of your time here in Spain.

We can help with preparation and servicing of existing estates and you can safely entrust matters such as renovation, decorating or gardening with our well-qualified service providers. Our company can also help you select well-qualified staff for house keeping, babysitting or with choosing a prestigious school for your children.

Proficiency, established success in real estate and an attentive approach to every client are the high standards we hold ourselves to. Ventura Properties is a family business that values its reputation and always aims for full client satisfaction. As a result, we have created a network of valued relationships with all of our clients across the globe; we are recommended to friends and relatives as the most reliable company in Marbella to help with purchasing, selling or renting real estate.